VDA “Silent PPO” Legislation Signed and Approved by the Governor

We are happy to report that our primary legislative task during the 2019 General Assembly Session to pass HB1682 was successful!  It was quite an  undertaking but the hard work of our membership on the legislation (patroned by Delegate Lee Ware at the VDA’s request) certainly paid off.  The end- result was also a testament to engaging with potential adversaries well in advance of the session to get their feedback.  Both Anthem and the Virginia  Association of Health Plans engaged in constructive dialog with us throughout the legislative process and, as a result, HB1682 is a reflection of best  practices within the insurance industry relative to renting/leasing dental networks.
The accomplishment of HB1682 passing (without a single NO vote in either the House or Senate) is largely due to the VDA membership’s consistent  and ongoing political engagement by members from every corner of the Commonwealth.  The specific lobbying campaign on HB1682 began early last  fall with members reaching out to key legislators to inform them of the issue and asking for their support of forthcoming legislation.  Once session  began in early January, we were in full swing with contacts continuing as the bill quickly moved through the process. The Governor has signed and  approved this legislation and it will become effective on July 1, 2019.  We thank the many VDA members for their efforts in reaching out to legislators  regarding this legislation and ask all members to now take a moment and please reach out your Senators and Delegates to thank them for supporting  this bill.
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