Why getting back to normal should include going back to the dentist

Like many Kentuckians, we are eager for a summer of “back-to-normal” activities – backyard BBQs with neighbors, family trips to our favorite state parks and evenings at the county fair.

One big “back-to-normal” activity for families across the commonwealth this summer is reviewing that ever-growing back-to-school checklist. As a dentist and dental hygienist and committed members of the Kentucky Oral Health Coalition, we are encouraging you to make sure scheduling a dental checkup for you and your family is at the top of that list!

With COVID-19 guidelines shifting, many dental practices are back up and safely running as usual, though some are currently serving a lower patient volume than prior to the pandemic. Whether you are looking for a new dental provider or returning to your community dentist, now is the time to schedule a checkup. Not only will the provider examine your teeth, gums and mouth for any concerns, they will advise on preventive practices, screen for oral cancer and recommend treatment for any dental problems.

Caring for your teeth and having routine dental checkups are critical for optimal oral health and overall health – for those little ones celebrating their first tooth to those older adults mitigating tooth loss. In fact, oral health is often described as the gateway to overall health as gum disease is linked with other health problems, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, for example. And for children, a healthy, pain-free mouth makes it easier to focus and listen, play and learn and grow and thrive.

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