Why getting back to normal should include going back to the dentist

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Like many Kentuckians, we are eager for a summer of “back-to-normal” activities – backyard BBQs with neighbors, family trips to our favorite state parks and evenings at the county fair. One big “back-to-normal” activity for families across the commonwealth this summer is reviewing that ever-growing back-to-school checklist. As a dentist and dental hygienist and committed members

Research shows flossing your teeth could protect against cognitive decline

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Dental floss is important not only to keep dentists happy, but also to prevent cognitive decline, according to a new analysis led by researchers at NYU Rory Meyers College. Good oral hygiene habits such as brushing and dental floss may prevent cognitive impairment and dementia. “Given a tremendous number of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

Brush up on how to care for your teeth with these tips from dentists

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Beyond its psychological toll, the coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc on our bodies: Many people have put on pounds, picked at their skin, broken their toes — and, according to dentists, damaged their teeth. As more Americans return to dental offices, practitioners say they’re seeing a significant rise in tooth-grinding and jaw-clenching probably brought on by

From Cavities to Stress-Grinding, the Pandemic Has Been Hell on Our Teeth

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On March 26th, at the start of the first pandemic shutdown, Montgomery County resident Cathy Belfield was working from home while her two kids played in the driveway, rolling around on skateboards. While skateboarding isn’t a typical activity for her son, who is “extremely cautious,” it was a nice day outside, and without anywhere to

9 Tips For a Healthier Smile

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An AACD survey revealed that 99.7% of people who were surveyed believed a healthy smile is important socially. Whether we are nervous about other people's perceptions or because we become self-conscious when our smiles aren't perfect, our smiles are important. That's why it's so important to make sure you have the healthiest smile possible. Here

How to Treat and Prevent Dental Root Cavities

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What causes root decay? Typically, tooth decay causes all cavities, including root cavities, to develop. The process occurs over time, and it starts with a sticky film called plaque that develops on your teeth when bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar and starches that are left behind from the foods that you eat. The

How to Care for Your Teeth in Your 30s

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When you’re a kid, dental care boils down to one simple task: don’t get cavities. Following this directive is equally simple. Brush your teeth twice a day, go light on soda and candy, and put up with an annual dental cleaning. After which, if your dentist is cool, you go home with a lollipop. (Sugar-free,

The Current Health Crisis Threatens to Increase Disparities in Teen Oral Health in the U.S.

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The current pandemic is affecting African Americans and Latinos particularly hard, reports U.S. News, particularly in the realm of dental and oral health. On the whole, oral health has improved in children and teens alike significantly over the past half century, owing to actions such as water fluoridation and school-based sealant programs. But youths with minimal access

The Silent Epidemic in Oral Health

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TRANSCRIPT JULIE FLAHERTY:  In 2007, Alyce Driver was a mom in Maryland scraping together a living working at a grocery store and caring for the elderly. One of her struggles was trying to find a dentist for her kids—one who would take Medicaid—but despite countless phone calls and even the help of a pro bono

How small businesses can leverage benefits as a recruiting tool

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It’s harder than ever for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to compete for top talent. This is a result of a combination of factors (i.e. budgeting, worker qualifications, etc.) and greater influenced by the fact that unemployment rates are at an all-time low. In a workers’ market, salaries rise and larger companies get creative in