How Fixing Your Teeth Can Fix Your Face

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Our thoughts on teeth and aging typically begin and end at color. A white smile is youthful, so we bleach our teeth. But there’s a wide world of so-called anti-aging dental interventions out there. With orthodontics and restorations, dentists can often manipulate the size, shape and arrangement of teeth to subtract years from a face.

At-home invisible teeth aligners could come back to bite you

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You’ve seen the trendy ads for mail-order dental aligners that took over bus stops and subway cars a few years ago: “Don’t watch the gap; close the gap.” “Straighten your smile in an average of six months.” The promise? To turn your snaggletoothed frown upside down without the pricey services of an orthodontist. Fast forward

Tooth Decay Can Be Detrimental to Your Health

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If somebody tells you that decaying teeth can be fatal to your very life, you'd think it ridiculous. However, a recent study reveals that the condition can have sweeping implications for a person's entire physical health. It has been widely believed that lack of oral health leads to heart disease. This long-held belief was augmented

Cutbacks by some doctors halved new opioid prescriptions over 5 years

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The rate of first-time opioid prescriptions declined 54 percent between 2012 and 2017 in the U.S., largely because many doctors stopped prescribing the painkillers, according to a study of more than 86 million people covered by private insurance. The number of prescriptions for three days’ worth of an opioid - the recommended amount for an

NOTHING BUT THE TOOTH — Dental insurance is not like medical insurance

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Q. Can you comment on dental insurance? I am a recent college graduate about to enter the workforce. Should I consider an employer offering health coverage including dental over one that does not? Do you have any experience in that area? -- J.K. A. An excellent question for all and especially for someone early into

EDITORIAL: Dental care is health care

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Mike Andrei's wife Sheila doesn't have dental insurance, so when she needed emergency dental surgery in December, he went to the cheapest place he could find. All of Sheila's teeth were removed and the Auburn couple was billed $7,200. Andrei told told Maine lawmakers last month that he is paying the bill on a three-year

Who does NOT go to the dentist in New Jersey? You’d be surprised at how many.

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Do you like your teeth? Good. Then, don’t be like almost a third of Garden State residents. About 29 percent of New Jersey residents did not visit a dentist in the last year, according to a 2011-2016 survey done by the New Jersey Department of Health. Just like their annual doctor visit, people tend to

Oral health is crucial to overall health. So why is dental insurance separate from health insurance?

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The progressive call for Medicare to become universal in the United States, championed by progressive stalwarts like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), relies on a simple yet solid ideological principle: that healthcare, by virtue  of being a necessity, should be a universal right. Yet in a quirk of the American healthcare system, dental care has been historically

United Concordia Dental Oral Health Study: The Results

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Published in American Journal of Preventive Medicine With chronic conditions affecting millions and periodontal disease an epidemic in its own right—nearly half of all Americans have periodontal disease at any time.1 Our new research builds on the results of our landmark oral health study in 2012 that showed the importance of treatment and maintenance on

What Does (And Doesn’t) A Dental Plan Cover?

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Even for covered services, most dental plans share the costs of treatment with you. If you have benefits through work, the amount the plan covers is determined by how much your employer pays into the plan. If you have an individual plan, the terms will be spelled out in a contract. Although you may be