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CA S-1008: An act to certain sections of the Health and Safety Code, and to amend sections of the Insurance Code, relating to dental services.
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NJ S-466: Requires acceptance of universal dentist application for participation form by dental plan carriers.
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NJ S-2507:  Prohibits sale or lease of access to certain health care provider networks.
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GA HB-818: Insurance; health care provider shall choose the method of reimbursement by insurer; provide
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LA HB-429: Provides for prior authorizations of claims for dental services.
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Legislative News Updates

ADA, state dental society advocacy results in nearly 100 dental insurance reform proposals

Working closely with the ADA, state dental society advocacy efforts have resulted in nearly 100 dental insurance reform proposals in state legislatures during the 2020-21 season. In all, 26 significant dental insurance reform bills became law in 16 states.   Dr. White “As America’s leading oral health advocate, the ADA works tirelessly to influence public policies affecting the practice of dentistry and the oral health of the American public,” said David White, D.D.S. chair of the ADA Council on Government Affairs. “In Washington, D.C., the ADA lobbies Congress and the administration, fighting for things that matter to dentists and the

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The Health 202: Health insurers balk at last-minute deal in Congress on surprise medical bills

Health insurers are furiously lobbying Congress to tweak a last-minute deal on protecting Americans from surprise medical bills — one that is viewed as favoring doctors over them. But they’re up against a ticking clock, heavy influence from private-equity-backed physician groups — and the reality that the pandemic boosted their profits even as medical providers suffered. “We do have some significant concerns about the deal that was announced,” Matt Eyles, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans, told The Health 202. “We certainly will be advocating for modifications … it’s going to be challenging, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going

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Gov. Murphy Restricts Sale/Lease of Dental Provider Contracts

Delta Dental of New Jersey, the state's largest dental benefits provider, has announced passage of legislative bill S2507, which restricts the sale or lease of access to dental provider network contracts, which is sometimes referred to as creating "Silent PPOs." "Delta Dental of New Jersey is proud that we directly contract with all our participating dentists and have never leased our network of dentists from another company," said Dr. Keith Libou, Chief Clinical Officer for Delta Dental of New Jersey and Delta Dental of Connecticut. "Most major dental insurance carriers in New Jersey patch together their network of dentists by

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VDA “Silent PPO” Legislation Signed and Approved by the Governor

We are happy to report that our primary legislative task during the 2019 General Assembly Session to pass HB1682 was successful!  It was quite an  undertaking but the hard work of our membership on the legislation (patroned by Delegate Lee Ware at the VDA’s request) certainly paid off.  The end- result was also a testament to engaging with potential adversaries well in advance of the session to get their feedback.  Both Anthem and the Virginia  Association of Health Plans engaged in constructive dialog with us throughout the legislative process and, as a result, HB1682 is a reflection of best  practices within the insurance

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