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How to Treat and Prevent Dental Root Cavities

What causes root decay? Typically, tooth decay causes all cavities, including root cavities, to develop. The process occurs over time, and it starts with a sticky film called plaque that develops on your teeth when

How to Care for Your Teeth in Your 30s

When you’re a kid, dental care boils down to one simple task: don’t get cavities. Following this directive is equally simple. Brush your teeth twice a day, go light on soda and candy, and put

Trick-or-treating may be up in the air for 2020, but one thing that’s definitely not canceled? Halloween candy. We’ll still be able to enjoy festive goodies, even if we have to buy bags of our

5 factors to consider for post-COVID dentistry

The past six months have been a whirlwind for dentistry. Clinics closed abruptly in March and slowly rebounded during the early summer. Dental professionals have always prioritized patient health and safety, and that became especially