How teledentistry will play into dental insurance benefits in 2021 and beyond

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With COVID-19, teledentistry skyrocketed into the dental headlines in 2020. Now, with dental patients preparing for open insurance enrollment, what benefit will they see in teledentistry and will it become even bigger in 2021? That's one of the biggest questions I wanted to ask Dr. Maria Kunstadter and Dr. Katina Spadoni as this year winds down. Kunstadter

Teledentistry is filling a cavity left by the pandemic, but some caution it can’t replace in-person visits

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Donella Pogue has trouble finding dentists in her rural area willing to accommodate her 21-year-old son, Justin, who is 6 feet, 8 inches tall, is on the autism spectrum and has difficulty sitting still when touched. And this summer, he had a cavity and his face swelled. Pogue, of Bristol, New York, reached out to

Teledentistry: Limiting patient–provider encounters & upping game as a dental provider post–COVID

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Telemedicine is the use of information-based technologies and communications systems to deliver health care across geographic distances.1 The use of this concept is widespread in the medical community, and its application in the field of dentistry has grown exponentially in recent years.2 The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic spurred dentists and medical professionals alike to