Who profits most from America’s baffling health-care system? Hint: it isn’t big pharma

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On october 4th more than 75,000 employees of Kaiser Permanente, a large health-care chain, began a three-day strike. The walkout was the biggest in the history of America’s health sector, and called attention to the staffing shortages plaguing the country’s hospitals and clinics. In the same week ten drugmakers said they would negotiate medicine prices with Medicare, the public

Nearly 6 in 10 Americans report problems with their health coverage

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Nearly 6 in 10 Americans report experiencing at least one problem with their health insurance in the past year, ranging from denied claims to difficulties finding an in-network doctor. That’s according to a new poll out this morning from KFF, a nonprofit that conducts health policy research. The issues appear pervasive for both Americans with

How Cigna Saves Millions by Having Its Doctors Reject Claims Without Reading Them

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When a stubborn pain in Nick van Terheyden’s bones would not subside, his doctor had a hunch what was wrong. Without enough vitamin D in the blood, the body will pull that vital nutrient from the bones. Left untreated, a vitamin D deficiency can lead to osteoporosis. A blood test in the fall of 2021

Diabetes and Oral Health – Essential Information and Support for Americans Living With Diabetes

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Good oral health can improve blood sugar control in patients living with diabetes, decreasing the progression of the disease. But untreated gum disease can make it more difficult to manage diabetes, and may have a heightened adverse impact on the overall health of people living with diabetes. Consistent dental care is essential for people living

Everything You Need To Know About Dental Insurance

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Thinking about getting dental insurance? Confused by all the details and pricing? You don’t have to be. Benzinga has put together this easy to follow and informative guide to help you find exactly the right type of dental insurance you’re looking for. What is Dental Insurance? Dental insurance is there to help you lower the

2021 USA Dental Statistics 2021

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The average American adult with good overall dental health (only a few small problems like cavities) spends $1,000 a year on dental care without insurance. National dental expenditures in the United States are around $130 billion a year and growing. Driving this growth are an ageing American population, an increased demand for cosmetic dentistry, and

Why you don’t need dental insurance to go to the dentist

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Americans have a tendency to avoid the dentist. More than 40% of Americans said they don’t see a dentist as often as they would like, according to a 2018 survey by the American Dental Association. People have lots of reasons for not going, including fear, inconvenience and trouble finding a dentist who take their insurance.

All seniors need their teeth. That means they all deserve dental coverage through Medicare. | Opinion

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Luckily, we don’t live in a world where anyone is debating whether Medicare should cover a broken finger because pinkies aren’t considered an important part of the body. But when it comes to insurance for dental care, that’s how the mouth has long been regarded. Since 1965, when Medicare was created, oral health care was

These Are the Best (and Worst) Foods To Eat If You Have Sore Gums, According to a Dentist

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our gums are kind of like your funny bone: You don't think about them until they flare up with pain. Then, wow does it suck. Sore gums can seemingly come out of nowhere, but dentist Inna Chern, DDS, says there are a few primary reasons why it happens. Let's start with the most obvious reason

When to See a Dentist About Your Child’s Baby Teeth Not Coming In

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Baby teeth are the first set of teeth that come in, or erupt, after birth. They’re temporary, meaning they’ll eventually fall out and be replaced by permanent teeth. Baby teeth are also known as deciduous teeth, milk teeth, and primary teeth. Typically, baby teeth start erupting when a child is between 6 to 12 months

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